It is with great pleasure that I would like to inform you that we have informed all of our Embassies and Consulates that the official website of the Embassy of Burkina Faso is now fully operational. We have already got positive feedback about the website and for this I would like to congratulate and thank you for all the efforts put in by you and your team to make this dream a reality. - Idriss Raoua OUEDRAOGO

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Staffing Augmentation

Our specialized seasoned recruiters will work diligently to source, screen and acquire candidates for all your staffing needs. We understand the importance of a strong match regarding skill set, cultural desires and job responsibilities. In order to better serve our customers in business fields with unique recruiting challenges, we have expertise to focus on your essential needs in the following areas:


Short term, often termed “ASAP” assignments to fill in for staff vacancies, special projects, or one-time events. The upside? Complete flexibility in each assignment – with absolutely no obligation to continue employment. Get the people you need for only as long as you need them.


Longer term placements that enable clients to work directly with selected temporary employees. At the end of a flexible term contract, clients are able to directly hire approved candidates without an additional release fee. This option is a “no strings attached” method of auditioning long-term employees before assuming their human resources/payroll burden.

Direct Hire

Head hunting at its finest! Staff World recruits the ideal candidate based on your current personnel need. We manage the sourcing and pre-screening – you pick the candidate that best suits your needs and then hire directly as your employee.